Chapter History

The birth of the New England Chapter was on May 12, 1954 when Norman E. Carlson (with Fenwal, Inc.) requested Jim B. Smith (with Factory Mutual Engineering), to develop a slate of officers for a proposed New England Chapter of SFPE. A month later on June 10th the first dinner meeting was held, the slate of candidates was elected, a constitution was approved, and both were submitted to the SFPE Executive Committee for ratification. Attendance was 21.

Chartering of the New England Chapter occurred on 5/19/1955. At this time, there were 21 paid-up members.

Norman Carlson was the Chapter's first president. (As a note of interest, Norman also served later as president of the New York, Metropolitan Chapter)

Firebrand, the Chapter's newsletter and periodical, was first published in March of 1961.

The year was 1975 and Dr. Anne Phillips of the New England Chapter received SFPE's "Fire Protection Woman of the Year" award.

April 17, 1978, the Connecticut Valley Branch of the New England Chapter split off and became a separately chartered Chapter.

On April 2, 1979, WPI student, Bob Schifiliti, spoke on "Computer Assisted Egress Analysis for the Beverly Hills Supper Club".

Past Presidents

The following individuals have served as a president of the New England Chapter of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers:

Chapter Year Past President 
 1988-1989  Robert P. Schifiliti, P.E. 
 1994-1995  John Harrington, P.E.
 1995-1996  Anthony P Caputo, P.E.
 1996-1997 Antonio C. Braga, P.E.
 1997-1998  Maurice M. Pilette, P.E.
 1998-1999  Lee Rindfuss
 1999-2000  Bruce Fraser
 2000-2001  Lee DeVito, P.E.
 2001-2002  Milosh Puchovsky, P.E.
 2002-2003  John Sharland, P.E.
 2003-2004  Eric H. Cote, P.E.
 2004-2005  Robert Carasitti, P.E.
 2005-2006  Kurt Ruchala, P.E.
 2006-2007  David LeBlanc, P.E.
 2007-2008  Jeffrey S. Tubbs, P.E.
 2008-2009  Ronald M. Melucci, P.E.
 2009-2010  Andrew B. Woodward, P.E.
 2010-2011  Jeffrey L. DeMaine, P.E.
 2011-2012  Edward Orazine, P.E.
 2012-2013  Seth Sienkiewicz, P.E.
 2013-2014  Kevin LaMalva, P.E.
 2014-2015  Dana Haagensen, P.E.
 2015-2016  Tracy Vecchiarelli, P.E.
 2016-2017 Matthew Daelhousen, P.E.
 2017-2018 Kevin Cox, P.E. 
2018-2019 Jennifer Hoyt, P.E.
 2019-2020 Brian Kuhn, P.E. 
2020-2021Brian O’Connor, P.E.
2021-2022Charles Mason, P.E.
2022-2023 Tony Schifiliti

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